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Greenbo Employee Story

Here at Greenbo Biochemistry, we witness the growth of our employees—from a newcomer to an expert, from a beginning level to a level that is capable of undertaking tasks alone. We sincerely wish to see that each staff member would fully express their talent, enrich themselves, improve that is capable of constantly and fulfill their career goals.

How to join Greenbo

Candidates are able to search online for open positions that may interest them, or resumes can be sent directly to our email address. If you pass the resume screening, we will contact you quickly.

Employment Process for New Graduates


Employment Process for Professionals

If you meet the requirements listed online, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and arrange an interview to meet our senior executives and experts.

Recruiting programs:

Graduates Programs

Taking talent further is something we are truly passionate about. If you are a creative, ambitious and intelligent student seeking to find the perfect start of your career, Greenbo Biochemistry can offer you a platform that can best suit your academic background and fulfill your career goals.

Professional Programs

Greenbo Biochemistry highly values professionals for their experience, dedication, insight and knowledge. If you enjoy creating new solutions to complicated problems and can conceive and implement innovative ideas, you may have what it takes to succeed at Greenbo.

Careers at Greenbo


Comfortable, High-Quality Living Environment
Greenbo Biochemistry provides living arrangements for single employees in a company operated apartment complex.  The apartments include a television, water heater, furniture, bedding, broadband internet and other living necessities.  Our apartment complexes include facilities such as billiard tables, table tennis, badminton courts, basketball courts, and various exercise equipment so that our employees stay healthy.
Rich and Colorful Leisure Time
We often plan a wide range of activities in which employees may participate at their discretion.  From sports to humanities, team-building activities to holiday get-togethers, our activities provide employees with the opportunity to recharge their mind and body.


Work Guarantees
Greenbo Biochemistry provides reliable occupational and social guarantees for their employees. According to the local occupational and social security system, we provide old-age insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational injury insurance, pregnancy insurance and housing funds.  We also provide supplemental medical insurance and accidental injury insurance. 
Outside of the above mentioned benefits, we provide twenty other kinds of allowances and benefits , such as shuttle buses, housing, a wedding allowance, etc. 

Working Environment
We believe in integrating scientific management approaches with humane management in order to create a modern working environment.  For the occupational protection of our employees, we work non-stop to ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment. 

Working Atmosphere  
We believe an enjoyable working atmosphere is a high-quality working atmosphere.  We have created a free, open and equal communication environment that ensures employees at all levels maintain mutual trust, mutual appreciation, and feel a sense of togetherness. We believe that this is the best way to meet objectives while maintaining the personal value of each employee. 

Employee Achievement  
Greenbo Biochemistry  has created professional advancement opportunities with no upper limit. Here at Greenbo.  employees are free to express their talent and values, consistently achieving the amazing.

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